Transfer $$ from mutual funds to index funds.

Hello everyone, i'm pretty new to the investment life and am in my mid 20s with a may be newbie question. First of all I want to say that I invested money into a mutual fund maybe 4 years ago and am at about 10k in. I've been doing a decent amount of research in investing with index funds, stocks etc. and I think index funds is the way to go for me, also I'd like to invest in some stocks soon. My question is that if my 10k is in a mutual fund,would it be wise to withdraw all of that and then put all of it into index funds or are the downsides too great? Also, I'm a student right now and yearly I don't make much but I have plenty saved for emergencies and investing, would this have significant negative affects during tax time to do this? Sorry for my long winded question(s). I've put this on /r investments as well and then I read some things about them in this community lol also i hope my question pertains to what this community is about, if not, im sorry … Thanks in advance 🙂

Submitted July 11, 2017 at 08:08PM by OhhhhhYeahhhhh952

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