Can someone give me a very basic “idea” to try and write a code for? I’ve been learning python

hello friends

i've spent the last few months learning python but i'm trying to figure out and write an actual code from scratch but don't know what to try and achieve or whether this is a good idea to begin with.

i was thinking of some kind of momentum based strategy. like check the price of a stock vs the moving average of the price over last 30 days. do this every week and buy/sell depending on price.

does anyone have any thoughts on this or know of a better basic idea for me to try to code?

obviously i'm not expecting you to send me your most profitable proprietary strategies. just something that will let me apply stuff that i've learnt. i don't have many ideas

Submitted January 31, 2019 at 01:21PM by ElectricalSpread

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