engineeringrobo legit or scam?

Hello wonderful people,

I am new to this and I would like to ask your guys opinion about robot advisor bot called "engineeringrobo"

I see a lot of people on twitter pumping this signaling bot. Seems like they're all paid shills but I would like to ask experts to tell me if it's worth purchasing.

Developers of this bot are saying a lot of stuff that is too good to be true. They are keep posting charts and analyses that are created by this signaling bot.. and it all looks like this thing has a great algo which can be seen on trading view:

What do you guys think about it? I am simply surprised that there is no bad review about it so I want to know what's all this thing is about. Interesting enough, no one is talking about it on Reddit… maybe I've got stuck in an echo chamber on Twitter.

Submitted January 19, 2020 at 07:48PM by IDtrend

2 thoughts on “engineeringrobo legit or scam?”

  1. I love engineeringrobo so much that I have been designing a web site to let everyone else know about it! It amazes me how accurate and precise the algorithm is. There is a learning curve but once you get a plan in place, it’s unstoppable.


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