Becoming a Quant

🆕 I want to share some insight from my experience in looking for a job and starting my career as a #quant after graduation, with no previous experience in the financial sector. I hope this helps recent graduates and more generally anybody who is interested on joining the financial sector as a quantitative analyst.


This article covers:

✅ Types of Quant
✅ Skills: 🧮Maths and Statistics, 💻Programming, 🧰Other Tools, ⚾️ Soft Skills
✅ Interview Process: 📓Resume, 🎯 General Tips, ☎️Telephone Round, 👥 Face to Face Rounds
✅ Resources: 📚 Books, 🌐 Free Online Resources, 🖥Coding Practice, 👥 Recruiters
✅ FAQs

Submitted July 01, 2020 at 11:01AM by quantgirl_uk

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