Advice regarding a quantitative, robo trader based final year project for university.

Hey guys,

I am currently studying Robotics Engineering at uni, this year we've been given the opportunity of doing a final year project. We have the choice of doing something hardware based, hardware/software, software or a research thesis.

If I wanted to do a project based on quantitative trading/research what would be an appropriate thing to do? A trading bot? Modelling software? A research thesis? I have strong skills in C++, Python, some data science and mathematics.

Before I start the project I have a few months to come up with a solid project plan in place with deadlines and objectives so I understand this not an easy task. The main reason I want to do a project like this is because I love the topic and it would with my applications in the future.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Submitted September 25, 2020 at 02:59PM by BarryBeeBensonWorks

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