Advice for an ML project.

Being from a computing background, I’m really interested in ML, but have little knowledge of it at the moment. I finally got some time to develop my knowledge in this topic and I’ve always found that developing a project surrounded by the topic is the best way to learn.

I have been running a strategy since the start of the year and I have a csv file of all the trades that have been made and wondered if I can use this alongside ML to analyse my strategy? Or if there are any other suggestions for incorporate ML in my strategy, to develop my knowledge in the topic that would be much appreciated.

Whether the skill level of the suggestions is little or high, it doesn’t matter, I’m happy to take on a bit of research. I’m just interested in your suggestions of the ways I can use it.

Submitted September 27, 2020 at 02:41AM by onthesamesid3

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