Thanks for the feedback on Piker Bot and helping me discover I don’t belong here.

For some historical context, my posts are here, here and here

It began when I ran out of From Software video games to beat during the pandemic and decided I needed a new challenging hobby, but one that might make me some money.

So, I set out on a noble quest!

To teach myself how to degenerate gamble off price action charts while making it okay with my girlfriend by calling it 'technical analysis' and 'trading'!

And…to build a bot to do the trading for me, since I am lazy as hell!

Together, I saw me and my bot, working together, hand in hand to steal fat tendies from MMs on wall street and I worked to bring that vision life.

My bot and I succeeded in our question by closing out a trading day with a whopping $40.37! (requiring only a 5% leverage of a $100k paper account, but details…)

And, so, my friends, our quest is complete.

But, the journey is not over.

For I have learned that…I…don't….actually….give…a….shit….about…any….of….this.

Seriously. I was really mostly about the challenge and the building of the bot.

So instead of devoting my time to chasing the mythical money printer, I am going to make a hobby out of building bots in Python that due cool things and then creating tutorials for them on a blog and YouTube. Maybe, I can promote it on Reddit like that guy Binging with Babish.

Anyways, thanks and I'm not gone yet. I plan on teaching Piker Bot how to short sell and using him as a basis for my first set of videos.

Submitted September 27, 2020 at 02:51PM by CoffeeJavaAndStocks

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