What api for live trading? transaction costs? how things work?

Hello, I'm new to this whole trading thing, and I've been looking for quite some time now to create a trading system. I have a few questions in mind but first, I want to understand the process, let's say I have a sum of money and I want to invest that money in stock market, and go from there, and I want the whole process to be controlled through an api and I'm not talking about backtesting here, I'm talking about the real thing. My questions are what api supports this? what are the transaction costs? what units am I buying / selling called? and for python / software devs like myself, what libraries do you recommend? and also for software devs, what is the recommended way / libraries that are useful / web frameworks I need to learn, to create a minimal system that is able to control the whole trading process within the same place?

Submitted September 27, 2020 at 08:40AM by emadboctor
via https://ift.tt/3cAlDBM

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