The question is: does Jim Simons himself “feel like something can be done” [finding patterns which can only be exploited by computers to make as much money as he currently does] in the deep-learning-driven markets today?

Finding the inefficiencies at the rate/quality that rentech and other big famous hedge funds can manage is unlikely for a single reason that is rooted in the unethical level of power that AI has come in to. Other tech companies are no different than these hedge funds anymore; they all operate on human futures.

Artificial intelligence has created a bubble of manipulation over humanity beyond solvability. No one can deduce or induce at the level that these AIs can. Unfortunately, these two ways of thinking are the partitions of all possible ways of thinking, and so there is no longer a need for an unbiased, human broker between the buyers and sellers in any given market.

Humanity has willingly sold itself into an economic system that is unaligned with the natural progressions of science and other models that actually respect the blind spot of logic (created by God or coincidence) within us. Whatever created us does not seem to provide us a model for living with one another. This misfortune has currently allowed a handful of greedy intellects to cast illusions upon society through technology and let us live in their artificial freedom.

It is their lack of strength in aligning the task of humanity's management with natural science that has turned them to the dark side of manipulation. It is simply easier to do so.

The answer is not to create an intelligence higher than the human's as everyone fervently believes and supports today. Nor is it even necessary to build a processor faster (one can at least say based on history) than the brain's. The answer is to simply live with uncertainty, just as science seeks to and has always done. Certainty of state seems to be the devil of humanity, and it is with uncertainty that I claim this.

Rick and Morty models this concept with the episode with the crystal that shows how you will die based on the [nonexistent (also claimed with uncertainty)] effects that your current actions have on your future.

I really believe that if people could understand what I am getting at with this post, we would well be on our way to what we define [currently] as a utopia. I also believe in this utopia, labels for unnecessary concepts such as utopia would not exist. All of this is again stated with uncertainty (including this statement).

Submitted September 29, 2020 at 11:14AM by spatial-death

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