Recommended Python libraries

Hi all, Just starting out developing my first trading bot in Python and would love to hear some recommendations for useful libraries available.

My current (work in progress) setup: – Downloading current and historical data using python-binance – Using pandas to handle data manipulation – sqlite3 db for saving and retrieving data – Started playing around with plotly for generating charts / graphs – Currently just calculating SMA and MACD with my own functions, but realising it would be much more helpful and better use of my time to leverage existing libraries to extend the analysis capabilities!

Keen to hear what others are using and their experience, pandas has been great for handling data and plotly looks powerful but I'm only just starting to scratch the surface of their capabilities. I certainly need to expand the number of technical analysis indicators and my data visualisation capabilities, so would be interesting to see what others have done here!

Submitted September 30, 2020 at 07:23AM by Boost3d1

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