REST based broker for europe citizens, that also offers data?


the background is: i implemented buy and sell decisions in c#, running as an azure service. i get EOD data for free from yahoo, thats how i "paper trade" at the moment. But now i want to look into real trading, since it works so far.

i know about interactive brokers: they seem to need you to install a java software, so you can communicate with the java software. That wont work with the azure cloud. Also they dont seem to offer historical data and realtime quotes.

I know about alpaca: They seem to offer what i am looking for, but they are US citizens only.

There is Quandtconnect, but they need you to upload all your code as a single codefile, and i have many many librarys involved.

Do i miss a service provider?

Submitted September 30, 2020 at 01:09AM by Ego_Titan

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