Piker Bot and I Ride Again, Boys. Account is up more money after 4 days of paper trading.


So for some context, I am a professional software engineer who works off contract in Java and builds toy bots in Python. I decided to use this whole COVID nonsense to give myself an education in price action trading and the financial world, so I could challenge myself to build a bot to trade stocks for me while I worked.

I realized I was way, way in over my head with the quant stuff pretty quick, so I figured a more obtainable goal was teaching myself how to read price action and then build a bot that would execute the trades for me out of the trade journal in Google Drive.

I spend the pre-market hours finding trades and then go to work while the bot does it's things. I check the trade journal in Google Drive after I finish working.

I did a test run on a paper account of all long positions for 5 days. I loaded up anywhere from 3-6 trades a day. I missed today due to illness, but I have a pretty good sample size, so far.

Here is a copy of the trade journal. All of these trades were done leveraging 5% of the account per trade.


Tomorrow should make or break me on a lot of stuff. I barely know what I am doing with price action, so feel free to make fun of my notes or comments if I say something dumb.

Here is the code base on GitHub. I plan on making some tutorial videos on how I built the bot from start to finish for a YouTube channel one day.



I'll be finishing this up next week by studying how to short sell, writing it into the bot and then doing another week of only short positions.

Submitted October 01, 2020 at 03:16PM by CoffeeJavaAndStocks
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