The jump to professional… has anyone brought in outside money?

Here is my question. Has anyone here ever brought in outside money with theoretical returns?

I have some strategies that I have been working on for 5+ years. They are programmed in Multicharts and traded at Interactive Brokers.

The out of sample results are pretty good. Not going to make me a millionaire tomorrow but depending on the market regime they significantly outperform SP500.

I currently work as a financial advisor and to approach another firm with this as a pitch seems daunting any tips from people who have done it?

It would be easiest for setup to run it in a separately managed account at IB(friends and family account) and that would take around 200k per account to clear the risk requirements to trade 2 /ES futs.

A second more expensive option is to start a fund but that’s probably a 15-30k upfront and continuing cost option. And I would need a capital partner to make that happen.

The firm I am currently working at is not interested unfortunately. They want another year of data before even considering a capital allocation.

Has anyone made this jump?

Edit: I trade on bud/ask tick data going back to 5/10/2019.

Submitted October 01, 2020 at 07:41AM by Joebone87

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