2020 Crypto Bots with complete features

In 2020 a basic fair set of requirements from a cryptobot is

  1. cloud based ( no need to deploy on your own server)
  2. short selling should be possible
  3. backtesting
  4. technical indicators
  5. good community/tutorials around it
  6. i am not into grid bots(just my personal opinion)

However to my amaze, the industry leading players are lacking some basic things.

Would really appreciate if anyone can suggest crypto bots meeting these requirements.

Here are my observations

Gekko bot, was my top choice. back then shorting was not possible. It is no longer maintained.

Cryptohopper- shorting not available, backtesting available, good technical indicators available.

3commas- shorting available, backtesting not available, less builtin technical indicators

tradesanta- only 3 technical indicators, shorting possible, backtesting not possible.

Submitted October 04, 2020 at 01:19AM by daaltimate
via https://ift.tt/3jpdHWN

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