CME & USICE Bitcoin Options Existing API access? Suggestions?

This is sort of a combination of me asking where and how in so far as "acquiring" the api to work with in ideally some sort of python aws server app.

Tradingview —-> Python/js.node/etc aws app with api ——> Broker——->ICE/CME

I looked at the directory on CME and ICE to find FCM who allow you trade Bitcoin options and it is pretty small. I have no interest in Tradestation or IB because one doesn't even have proper API. But there are a handful of brokerages that predominantly serve prop firms, professional traders, commercial companies, and institutional entities. StoneX and wedbush are two.

I am fairly new to onshore regulated commodities, so this has been a hurdle. I have to find a way to move onshore because uncle sam is on a extrajudicial indictment war path so lol.,

The only thing that I have seen that makes any sense to me is the 750 dollar a month CQG API suite that could perform the role I want. I'm not real sure about the Trading Technologies, and obviously the price ain't fun. It is a lot harder to acquire a API in the onshore world it seems. StoneX implied that they provide API through "Direct Market Acess"…and Wedbush says it is a risk approval thing.

So if anyone has any experience with these guys or trading Bitcoin Options I am all ears?

Submitted October 07, 2020 at 10:39AM by samdane7777

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