Double major VS Single major plus double minor for prop trading

So I'm currently a freshman in college. I am keen on pursuing a career in proprietary trading, either in technology/software or quantitative analysis.

My first major is Statistics and Data Science (very math heavy, includes regression, bayesian statistics, probability theory, multivariable calculus, etc). I am considering a second major in Computer Science. I believe that this might cut me out from jobs that require candidates to have formal knowledge of finance.

The other option I am considering is to major in Statistics and Data Science, while pursuing two minors: Computer Science and Finance.

Out of the subjects I have listed, my favorite is mathematics/statistics. I have genuinely enjoyed Calculus. I took a gap year after high school, during which I learnt basic regression and probabilistic modelling via online sources. Again this was at a very basic level, but I enjoyed it.

Would having a master's degree or a PhD in a mathematical field be useful for a career in prop trading? Also, what level of coding is required? While I can code fairly well (will work on coding skills in the future), I enjoy math a lot more. In addition to math and coding, do I need to have formal knowledge of finance such as corporate finance, accounting, etc?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Submitted October 10, 2020 at 04:33AM by i_like_pizzansoccer

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