Feedback opinion wanted on visual algotrader

So lately I've been working on an algotrader that can pick and trade stocks automatically. That is, I want my algotrader to be able to *select* stocks (given a large initial pool), *evaluate* the selected stocks and *trade* them. My plan is to test it for some time and get feedback from the community and release it to the general public. Here's a development ss. Just for some context, I analyze a large pool of stocks daily and score them (automatically). I also use an ensemble of machine learning/statistics algorithms to estimate returns and risk (thus the redacted columns).

Given that, when you are making decisions:

  • what would you like to see from a algotrader so you can make your own decisions?
  • Is there any feature for configuring your algotrader that you would find essential?
  • Would you ever trust a black-box algotrader (kinda like a robo-advisor)?

Here's a demo of the next step. I use portfolio optimization techniques to weight the stocks.

When you optimizing your portfolio, what would make your life easier?

And here is a a ss from my portfolio comparison and rebalancing step:

If you check the predicted portfolio, it made over 2% in a day.

  • What would make you trust an algotrader to automatize your investments?
  • Would you trust to connect a broker account to your algotrader?
  • If you could have real-time data and free graphical and performance tracking of your portfolio, would you trust that platform better?

Any comments/feedback or slap-in-the face are much appreciated 🙂

Submitted October 11, 2020 at 01:32AM by vnsilva

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