6 Months Real Market Results

  • Two algos, one long and one short made with this process shown in the image. The start of the blue line is real market results. 88 trades so far.
  • The combining of uncorrelated strategies results in a better return to drawdown because of diversification.
  • This is the Kevin Davey method. I have paid him nothing and he taught me everything needed from scratch through free Youtube videos. This is not an advertisement for him, well it actually is, but he's not paying me. His channel is very small.
  • I've been working on automating the strategy generation as much as possible with a program called UiPath. Still working on it. This has been hard for me, idk any other way besides UiPath
  • Tradestation platform is great

I'll answer questions and stuff. I don't know everything, but I want to teach people what has been working for me. I am in community college and I don't understand most things people say on this sub. The language used by Tradestation is Easylanguage. It is fast and easy to write strategy ideas. I don't use math other than basic algebra and I've never taken a calculus class.





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Submitted October 14, 2020 at 02:40PM by Funky_Pants_
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