Optimizing long strategy entry point.

I am algo trading US stocks with market cap above 1B and going long only on about 10 equally weighted positions at a time. My strategy is designed to open 10 long positions around 9:45 AM each morning and holding for max or 1 to 2 days, although preferably selling off end of day if algo sees profits 1% or greater profits. The strategy is forward tested and generally beats buying SPY. Rather than religiously buying in at 9:45 AM I am now interested in picking more strategic entry points based on market conditions. I am looking to change my entry point from 9:45 Am (the point at which I open my 10 bullish positions) to another time based on SPY or VIX change. I am looking for some insight as to what SPY change or VIX level I should be looking for (in any given trading day) to execute my buy orders and maximize my portability of profitable exit?

Submitted October 14, 2020 at 08:33PM by nighcry
via https://ift.tt/3nUyfJh

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