$SE Making a Run to ATH’s

One of the overperforming stocks no one want you to know about is $SE, otherwise known as Sea Limited. Which has been printing monthly's all year for me, except for a small March dip.

Now it is making an unusual run up and out of it's normal trading channels for $200. Normally $SE climbs 20 points every month without fail. This month it is making a move close to 40 points higher. It is currently sitting at 169.31 after throwing up 7 points today confirming my bullish thesis.

Here is the YTD Chart showing it's stability through March: https://imgur.com/gallery/MWDchlI

Here is the 3 Month Chart showing consistent entry's and exits, and a break up out of it's normal trading channels: https://imgur.com/a/xkNaiCo

And the Monthly chart showing confirmation that it is time to make entry: https://imgur.com/a/qPI0zAy

$SE has it's Earnings Date on 11/07 in the morning. They are expected to beat and it is the catalyst for the run to 200. Source: https://www.earningswhispers.com/stocks/se

Think of Sea Limited as the new Amazon of South East Asia, that is in the beginning of it's growth stage. Cathy from Ark has seeded it with close to a half million shares. You will here people say that she has sold some of her position, but she only trims very small amounts to not disturb it's rise. Which is the purpose of Ark. Here is a link to the company profile: https://www.reuters.com/companies/SE

My positions: 200 10/23 180c, 400 11/13 200c / If you are considering this play, you can always date your calls later to limit your exposure to Theta burn.

Monthly's or more are calls I have set and forget, taking profits as I have gone. Should print multiple bags.


Submitted October 15, 2020 at 03:01PM by WSBModsRGey
via https://ift.tt/2SUwZrw

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