Good feed of wall street analysis

I've been playing with the idea of trading stocks when the wall street analysis announce their upgrades or downgrades of individual companies. I've noticed sometimes it causes a significant price movement when an analyst announce their current guidelines and price target for a stock. I wanted to try and make a simple program to buy whenever an upgrade is announced. The idea being a program could buy the shares before the price movement is complete. It would be important that the program have immediate access to the announcement so it could buy as soon as possible. I've looked and I couldn't find a source of where these analysts publish only the usual market news sites that I'm guessing are slightly delayed. Do the firm's like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs publish their findings on their own sites? Is there a feed somewhere I could follow that would get the updates before everyone else?

Submitted October 18, 2020 at 08:18AM by superdav42

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