How do you test an algo that only trades volatile markets?

I've been examining this algorithm for cryptocurrencies i worked on for a long time now and it yields nice gains. The thing is, it only trades volatile markets. Out of 365 days a year it was active in only 120 days.

I tested it month by month and there were some months where it did not trade at all and in others it traded 15 times a day.

I am at the point of thinking about deployment but not before i dry run it and then test with a little sum of money. The problem is, now the crypto markets are pretty calm so no trades have been made in the last week. I'm afraid that if i wait for the right conditions to test it i might miss the chance to make money off it and would have to wait for a long time before it trades again.

How do i overcome this issue? Should i just skip the dry run part? What would you do?

Submitted October 19, 2020 at 05:14AM by loveYouEth

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