Best Ways to Leverage Python for an individual investor

I write this as I am finally looking to start using python in a way that means something to me and which my work/time may give me an ROI.

At this point I understand that making an algorithm to do trading is highly unlikely considering the amount of work and people that go into actually making a trusting one. However, I am looking for things within python to look into that may allow me to automate a great deal of work, give some meaningful analysis, and perhaps ways that I can minimize some downside risk. Finishing up recent course work in data analysis, and aleady having a finance and accounting background, I am considering reeducating myself and developing an options strategy.

Also, if anyone has input and reason why to do away with python all together, i would be interested to hear about that as well.

Submitted October 19, 2020 at 10:56PM by BlNG0

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