How are algotraders doing right now?

For those in the states (and beyond idk), how did it change your trades and did it force you to focus on specific markets instead?

And would you recommend algotrading for those interested in the market with a decent understanding of it and programming?

I just graduated with cognitive science so I had to take at least one programming course per year mainly focusing on computational modeling like neural networks and occasional data-sciececy stuff for the brain. I decided to specialize in more in humanities you could say.

Now, I never took an Econ class unfortunately but I'm starting get into the stock market and interested in seeing how the money moves.

I'm getting the sense that it's not all scientific at all. Not everything can be just planned, computed, coded, and press the button. And the same algo strategy can't work all the time (is it seasonal? monthly? or just chaos in between?)

I'm trying to get back into coding (mostly did Python but dabbled in C++) and I thought algotrading would be a good picture to look at.

Is it about making expensive bets/predictions and praying that you're correct? Either way, I think it's a fascinating field and I just really don't hear much about algotraders anymore.

Submitted October 20, 2020 at 02:40AM by jackielarson

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