$CSIQ hour trading +$4620





Yesterday wasn't a bull market QQQ +0.2%I bought 30 CSIQ call open positions, only 10 filled (as you see it was flying more than my limit price), I had to refill 20 at later, I could have made $5k profit.

I sold it for $7830 within 2 hours.

This is my guide (it got deleted because I stupidly inserted the webull referral link, you can still read it,I do not use Webull.) https://www.reddit.com/r/RobinhoodTrade/comments/iwpux9/here_are_the_tools_i_used_to_jump_up_my_winning/

I also made an automation system (I'm also an Embedded Software Dev), this actually sends an SMS alert for OPEN and CLOSE the positions in real-time. and is almost at the final stage, I will let you guys know once I'm fully ready (roughly within a month, or not), it will be free. PS. If you have confidence in options trading 80-90% win daily, please contact me.

Submitted October 21, 2020 at 06:45AM by ClientSpare8405
via https://ift.tt/35iQXC2

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