Realistically profitable trade strategies

What trade strategies are known to be possibly profitable?

  1. Momentum indicators and machine learning to predict closing price are rubbish and do not work. Dead-end ahead.
  2. Triangular arbitrage is possible to be profitable on currency and cryptos. This is given your cost of trade is low enough competing against institutionals who have large volume benefits.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) from social media *should* be realistically possible for NLP to predict movement and then place large leverage trades.
  4. Price relationships between 2-3 assets should be possible to predict for leveraged trades (ie. slowdown in construction & iron lags copper prices).

I have mentioned arbitrage, NLP, and price relationships for leveraged trades.
Are any key strategies missing from my list above?


Submitted October 25, 2020 at 01:09AM by Dream3r111

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