Insider Trading Report: Week of October 19-23

This week, my bot picked up insiders of 171 companies who transacted shares this past week. Here are some highlights:

1) Highest Buy/Sell Ratio: Array Technologies, Inc. (ARRY)- supplier of solar tracking systems for solar panels. Note: they had their IPO on Thursday, October 15th.

B/S Ratio 18.00 (18 purchases, 1 sale)
Total Purchased 712,430 ($28.89 million)
Total Sold 47,625,000 ($1.93 billion)
Weekly Return 7.83%

-Summary: More buying transactions than selling, but the one sale was pretty massive.

2) Highest Purchase Value: Eargo Inc. (EAR)- hearing aid manufacturing company.

B/S Ratio 1.07 (64 purchase, 60 sales)
Total Purchased 71.2 million ($2.53 billion)
Total Sold 53.24 million ($1.89 billion)
Weekly Return 9.07%

– Summary: Tons of buying and selling for this company. They had a great weekly return, so keep watching to see if the trend continues.

3) Highest Weekly Return: Konatel Inc. (KTEL)- wholesale discount telecom carrier.

B/S Ratio 2.00 (2 purchases, 1 sale)
Total Purchased 2,050,000 ($184,500)
Total Sold 1,600,000 ($144,000)
Weekly Return 107.55%

– Summary: This is a penny stock so personally I would stay away from it. But they had a great week with a decent number of transactions.

4) Interesting Transactions:

– TSLA- B/S: 6.00, Purchased: 667,742 ($283.37 million), Sold: 1,250 ($530,462).

– DKNG- B/S: .05, but each purchase had an average of 2.24 million shares.

Interpret this information as you will. Let me know what info you guys would like to see added in the following weeks’ scans!

Submitted October 26, 2020 at 10:43AM by lhwolff15

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