PSA: You can click on Matplotlib plots and append the points to a list.

Link to documentation

Code to save points along x-axis:

class PlotSelection(object): ''' Gets the points the user clicks on a plot. ''' def __init__(self,x,y): self.x = x self.y = y #self.click_type = [] self.points = [] def event_handler(self,event): self.points.append(np.round(event.xdata).astype(int)) #round based on task #self.click_type.append(int(event.button)) def get_points(self): fig,ax=plt.subplots() ax.plot(self.x,self.y) cid = fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event',self.event_handler) #To run: #Some dataframe df y = df.Close.values x = np.arange(len(y)) ps = PlotSelection(x,y) ps.get_points() #opens plot; pick your points and close plot print(ps.points) #prints selected x-value of points 

Useful for breaking apart data into trends, giving scipy's curve_fit an initial guess of coefficients, selecting peaks, etc.

Example: Selecting Peaks

AMD intraday data with peaks found through scipy find_peaks

The figure above is a KDE plot of AMD intraday data. Clearly, we don't want the center peak. We can try to create a function that only picks up peaks of a certain height, but depending on asset, length of time, etc. it is difficult to generalize and we might miss a peak. So, we can either click where we want our peaks or use scipy find_peaks and get the closest peaks to where we click. With oddly shaped peaks, it is better to use the first method.


import numpy as np,matplotlib.pyplot as plt from scipy.stats import gaussian_kde,gmean,gstd from scipy.signal import find_peaks #not used in this example but helpful #df = dataframe of intraday data for last 90 days; OHLCV c = df.Close.values v = df.Volume.values wgt = abs(v-gmean(v))/gstd(v) #zscore of volume kde = gaussian_kde(c,weigths=v) #volume weighted kde of prices xr = np.linspace(c.min(),c.max(),20000) #smoother xrange for plot y = kde(xr) #get y values for xrange x = np.arange(len(y)) ps = PlotSelection(x,y) ps.get_points() plt.plot(xr,y) [plt.axvline(xr[x],color='r') for x in ps.points] 

Picking Points Near Peak Centers

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