What are your favorite advanced online class about volatility trading and forecasts?


I work as a front-office developer for an exot desk. I am currently switching companies and therefore I have three weeks off that I'd like to dedicate to improve my comprehension of what traders do and hopefully get new ideas of tools I can build for them.

I browsed online courses but I found it really difficult to get a course that's not too academic and that is not an introductory/beginner course.

If you guys have any idea of content/online classes that could help me on the following, I would love to hear them:

  • Volatility trading
  • Dynamic hedging
  • Any good forecast class for volatility in python (GNARCH but also some other ML models)
  • Data visualization tools in python (I am looking for an interactive visualization tool that traders could access and play with on their web browser)

Thanks a lot!

Submitted October 27, 2020 at 05:51AM by Ancoisne
via https://ift.tt/3jzg1d9

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