Should I upgrade from TradingView? If so, to what?

I've been getting some promising backtest results in TV, but there's no feature for testing on a whole portfolio, and so I'm wondering if I need to upgrade to something else. There's a *ton* of programs to choose from in this list:

Is anyone here using any of these? Anybody got any glowing recommendations? I'm really not a fan of entirely proprietary systems, but, at the same time, I sure would like to make my life a bit easier right now.

I've been spending some time with jupyter notebook. I'm really not a fan of python, but I started focusing on pandas when I learned about it's performance qualities. I was thinking I would generate my backtest results as a tabular list of trades (not using python) and then import and analyze.

Sourcing, handling, and verifying my market data is still a source of frustration. I've tried recently both polygon and ameritrade API's, and I still have troubleshooting to do. I think I'm ruling out ameritrade because the 1 minute data seems to be limited to the last 2 months.

Submitted October 28, 2020 at 03:35AM by flakyfacefool

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