What is the standard software and hardware set-up for high-freq/quant or just algo trading?

Hi! JavaScript developer here. I've read that people mostly use Python/Matlab/R for algo trading. And C for HFT. Now, for standard algo trading I am assuming you can go with whatever works for you. I tried Python, but honestly don't get how this can be a legitimate language to use when it's so… not sophisticated. JS so far works for me, but I am now interested in more of a speedy trading, ie: making decisions within milliseconds after getting a data. I've heard that C is used for that purpose, but cannot find any direction in terms of where to start. What hardware, what linux flavor to use, where to get most speedy and reliable data (outside of exchange data centers if course), etc. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Submitted October 27, 2020 at 06:54PM by AnnihilatingCanon
via https://ift.tt/31NeVo7

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