Work life balance and compensation in algo trading?

I’m currently an ML engineer with a PhD working at a pre IPO tech company, and who does algo trading on the side. I like my job quite bit but sometimes I wonder about doing algo trading professionally. My reasons for this are I find algo trading to be a more interesting domain than what I currently do and hopes for higher compensation.

My thinking so far is at my current job I have a salary of $200k per year and am also compensated through options. Optimistically those options could be worth over seven figures. Realistically the company is doing well enough and has a big enough name that I doubt they will be worth nothing, but it’s very possible they’ll be worth something lower like $175k per year. So let’s say TC at my current job is $375k per year. What kind of compensation could I realistically expect moving to an algo trading job? Is it worth the move?

Second the work life balance at my job is great. The schedule is very flexible and I am next to incapable of being a morning person. I interviewed at some finance companies a while back and got the impression everyone started at 7 AM, which really turned me off. Has anyone experienced flexible schedules working in algo trading or does the whole field start really early in the day?

Those are the two things I’m weighing in my decision to switch careers. I also realize I’m in a very fortunate position already. So feel free to flame me for not being satisfied and looking for something better 🙂

Submitted October 28, 2020 at 02:44PM by iamiamwhoami

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