PhD Choice

Hey guys, I have a quick question if anybody currently in industry would not mind answering. I have just finished a masters degree in economics with a focus on econometric modeling.

I am currently in a situation making a decision between continuing onto a PhD in economics with a focus on econometrics and macroeconomic research, or pursuing a PhD in computational mathematics with a focus on data science. (This would allow me to pick classes from CS, modeling and simulation, statistics, math and big data analytics).

Would anybody like to chime in on if it would be worthwhile to change direction to this applied math PHD? It seems like I will learn more valuable skills there… but it would set me back at least 3-4 semesters depending on how many credit hours would get carried over for an Econ PHD. Which degree would you prefer on a resume when interviewing potential quants / researchers?


Submitted October 28, 2020 at 10:12PM by vbgolf72

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