Quantopian Alternative

Hi everyone, unfortunately, Quantopian is shutting down, so I would like to provide an alternative. I've personally started with Quantopian, however, I could not figure it out (possibly due to my lack of Python knowledge), so I later tried QuantConnect and found greater success, as they have a BootCamp and free Udemy Course that holds your hand through their platform. They also have an active community and paid staff who will answer your questions on their forum.

In addition, QuantConnect has an inhouse research team that converts papers into code, and these implementations can be found in their Strategy Library. I have an updated list of a few mathematically driven implementations here. A playlist for a few original ideas can be found in this YT playlist.

Some additional notes about QuantConnect

  • All backtesting and data is free, just like Quantopian
  • Supports live trading (rare among competition) for $8/month
  • Engine is also open source (Lean)
  • Supports Python and C#

Submitted October 29, 2020 at 09:52AM by picklestirfry
via https://ift.tt/31P9Ziv

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