Are there platforms similar to Quantopian Research?

As a beginner to algotrading, I've been trying to visualize past stock data and tried to analyze them. I used to do this on Quantopian Research, since they have a Jupyter notebook ish where I can use their APIs to get intraday minute data, and then I can analyze it.

Essentially I just want to do a bunch of analysis on past stock data to understand everything better.

But since Quantopian is closing, is there anything similar that I can switch to? I think the best for me would be running Jupyter notebook locally, but I didn't find any good libraries to pull minute level stock data from. The Quantopian Research environment basically has everything set up before which was convenient.

I was planning to look into iexcloud, polygon, and alphavantage. Any recommendations?

Submitted October 30, 2020 at 12:10PM by BurntOutECE

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