Anti-harassment Policy

r/RobinhoodTrade prohibits harassment of any kind and will take appropriate and immediate action in response to complaints or knowledge of violations of this policy.

The following examples of harassment are intended to be guidelines when determining whether there has been a violation of this policy:

  • Verbal harassment includes comments that are unwelcome, negative stereotyping without proof or the reason given, epithets, slurs regarding a person's post with the flares of Question, Advice, Discussion, and DD.

If a moderator sees you were not so active here but all you do is keep harassing people, you will be banned.

Report the violators by messaging the mods.

"Note that WSB lingo is off-limits. Ironically being an asshole can be fun and entertaining, but this isn't the place." r/RobinhoodTrade Rules #2 – Be Civil.

You may want to try harassing people at

Submitted October 31, 2020 at 11:00AM by ClientSpare8405

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