Looking to Turn a Strategy Into an Algo. Any Help?

I have a trading plan that I’ve been manually tracking for awhile now and I’m looking to make an algo out of it but I have zero knowledge on programming and going about it.

The trading is strictly for US stocks, no indicators are used, and it’d be in & out of the trade within the same day. I basically want the algo to run off a certain list of stocks that I choose from on a daily basis. The list would be compromised of previous day gappers and I’d be looking to scalp off their continuations. If a certain pattern appears in that list of specific stocks then I’d like it to take the trade. If it does not, then no trade. And the list would change everyday.

So far I’ve been manually tracking the strategy and it seems to be 70-80% profitable but I’d like to see how it’d do in either official back testing or live trading.

What’s the best way to make an algo out of it?

I can be more specific and clarify the strategy if needed (like when to enter/exit) but I’m just wondering if it can be done and how.

Submitted November 01, 2020 at 05:50PM by Pull_and_pray
via https://ift.tt/3kNAbS9

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