Robinhood to Excel exporter

I have created a basic python application script that will export your Robinhood data into excel.

  1. Watchlist
  2. Stock transactions and summary*
  3. Option transactions and summary*

*The summary feature is very basic as of now, it's no way accurate. But something that I just started on, I will keep working on it and make it better as I find time.

Please take a look and give me feedbacks: github repo

*Update: This script doesn't upload your data or token anywhere outside your machine/laptop. This just talks to the Robinhood server, the same way your browser (chrome/safari) interacts with it and exports the data into an excel file locally on your machine. The data never ever leaves your machine.

The python source code is available and you can read through to make sure what I said above is true (if you are comfortable). Otherwise you can ask someone you trust to read the code and let you know. I just created it as I wanted something like this and it helps me with my trading.

Submitted November 02, 2020 at 07:59AM by upayoga_peru

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