Building a research tool for myself but would like feedback from the community

Wanted to scratch my own itch so I started building a tool called with a growth marketer and data scientist.

Essentially we let you tap into the crowd to see which stocks are becoming more popular on the internet and why. We do this by scraping and analysing tens of thousands of web pages from sites like Reddit, Twitter, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha and we’re able to paint a picture of when a stock is about to explode and what people are saying about these specific stocks.

Personal Problem: Spending hours on Reddit, Twitter, Discord etc determining which stocks are interesting or hot and why. Often missing out on stocks because I’m not up to date with this and I’m busy with other stuff.

My Solution: Tool that tells you which stocks are being spoken about more frequently with a sentiment analysis to guide you in the right direction with your research.

Exploding Stock DOESN'T:

  1. Forecast stock prices
  2. Suggest stocks to invest in
  3. Predict daily stock price movements

This tool should supplement your OWN research and save you lots of time. Would love some feedback or features you'd be interested in!

Submitted November 04, 2020 at 01:51PM by itsjustwizhere

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