Hi! I wanted to share this IBKR WebAPI Gateway wrapper library I built recently – called IBeam. It handles startup, authentication and maintenance of the IBKR Gateway – all headless. Removes need for manual authentication, runs without a display and supports HTTPS/TLS. Hope you find it useful πŸ‘‹

IBeam is an authentication and maintenance tool used for the Interactive Brokers Client Portal Web API Gateway. It is directed at IBKR users.

You can find IBeam on GitHub:



  • Facilitates continuous headless run of the Gateway.
  • No physical display required – virtual display buffer can be used instead.
  • No interaction from the user required – automated injection of IBKR credentials into the authentication page used by the Gateway.
  • TLS certificate support – you can provide your own certificates.
  • Containerised using Docker – it's a plug and play image, although IBeam can be used as standalone too.


Instead of starting the Gateway manually and authenticating using the webpage, run:

docker run --env IBEAM_ACCOUNT=your_account123 --env IBEAM_PASSWORD=your_password123 -p 5000:5000 voyz/ibeam

That's it, you'll now be able to communicate with the Gateway.

curl -X GET "https://localhost:5000/v1/api/one/user" -k

I’m looking for someone who would like to do some code review on it (it’s relatively small), and there's a few areas of further development that could be addressed, so if you’d feel like helping out – drop me a message.

Hope you guys find it useful 😊

Submitted November 04, 2020 at 02:22PM by VoyZan
via https://ift.tt/3jWhQkA

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