The election made my algorithm work

My algorithm back tested pretty well over 2018-2019 data, then when it went live 2 months ago on a practice account of was losing 2k a day. I modified it, then it became more stable.

It went from 50k down to 43k. Now with the election happening and lots of volatility, it's finally broken a profit. I'm at $50,823 and my current trade is up 4k (on a practice account).

What scares me is how much this whole thing seems like gambling, but I feel good because I have a bit of statistics on my side, so it's like gambling when you're there casino, which is much more profitable.

Please don't ban my post. This is not profit/loss porn, just a progress update.

Submitted November 06, 2020 at 11:20AM by matiu2

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