Low budget setup for a beginner?

So a few months ago I wrote a crypto trading platform in c# that traded eth and BTC on coinbase pro. I focused mostly on the etl/database/order execution logic and not so much the actually strategy (I am a career software dev after all). I didn’t do any real back testing on my actual trading (Strategy was basically a mean reversion), but I ended up breaking even after ~3 months trading with a small amount of cash.

I chose crypto due to the low barrier to entry, but I’d really like to run a strategy on some index funds, so I want to development a low budget index fund platform.

I found several unofficial Robinhood apis available on github. Can anyone here recommend me a good one?

As for data sourcing, I am hearing alphavantage is a good free provider. Ideally I’d like to have a few years worth of historic data at hand, as well real time hourly updates. Even daily data will suffice, but hourly would be ideal.

Any advice is very much appreciated

Submitted November 07, 2020 at 02:29PM by Nthorder
via https://ift.tt/38mlSAA

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