Advice about pattern/chart recognition

Time ago I read a book about when to entry a stock's trade based on charts' patterns (ex buy when there is a breakout after a consolidation period), few days ago I though (as a long term project) to start implementing a machine learning network / model (I don't know the exact words) to find the patterns the book suggests. I don't have any experience with ML I do have experience with python though, so far what I thought is to scan the charts I find on the book, unfortunately there are only around 20 examples/charts on the book and the quality is not great (already here I'd like to know if this is enough as samples' base) after to get the data through an API key, plot it into charts with a library like Matplotlib and pass them to the network to filter the ones with the possible patterns. Assuming this steps are okay (if not please tell me), which type of network shall I use/study?

This is an example of chart I find on the book

Submitted November 08, 2020 at 09:35AM by Claax

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