QuantConnect bootcamp enough?

I’m currently a sophomore in college majoring in statistics and minoring in computer science, and as student I have taken part and done quite a few end to end data science projects by myself and in competitions to know what the general workflow of data cleaning and machine learning modeling. I wanted to take these skills to world of quant trading, and take upon this interesting field. My skills from data science already gets me over the initial barrier to entry within algo trading which seems to be for most people learning how to code. I have experience in various languages, but python is my strongest. Now that I have given some context, let me explain my question. Right now I am going through QuantConnects bootcamp on udemy and doing the code along exercises. With prior python knowledge I can see how the code works and what’s going on, but my question is, will the bootcamp be enough for me? Obviously this is very subjective and varied person to person, but for those of you like me who have experience in coding, was learning algo trading via the quant connect bootcamp all that you needed? Or where there supplementary resources you read while doing this, whether it was finance concepts, market concepts, etc. Not necessarily rushing to get a algorithm which can make money, but just need a way to say okay, this is the quant trading workflow, here’s my first algorithm, and just have a general set of steps that I can follow like I did with data science projects.

Submitted November 09, 2020 at 09:19AM by veeeerain
via https://ift.tt/2UbOfJf

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