Broker For Semi-Automated Options Trading

I have an options trading strategy which has been working for about a year and am looking to semi-automate it; over the weekends, I crunch a whole bunch of numbers over the weekend and that tells me what options positions to open on Monday. Basically, I would like to have a system where I can enter a more complex set of exit rules than just sitting here at my station and implementing a market-sell order when various rules happen. I am NOT looking for a basic stop-loss or take-profit order. A broker where I can set up a system of if statements (or analogous) would be great. Something where I could implement something like the following:

Price of XYZ >= 100 => high_XYZ = current_price

Update high_XYZ if XYZ climbs

Sell option position when high_XYZ – current_price >= 0.10

I've never coded with a broker, but am quite familiar with Python. So if there is a broker API or integration where I could do something like this, that would be preferred to learning a new language. I am less concerned about automating the entry to the positions, but that would look something like:

Take list of tickers combined with option types and strikes

Buy at open on Monday

Submitted November 10, 2020 at 08:20AM by spot4992

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