Trader looking into algotrading

Hi, I'm a stock, and equity derivatives trader looking to get into algotrading with a couple of questions.

I have zero programming knowledge, and I'm looking at learning python. Is this a good idea for a first language to learn? In order to implement semi basic strategies (revolving around technical indicators) how much knowledge is needed? Is there a large programming knowledge barrier to entry in order to algotrade?

If you have any tips, and suggestions on what/where to learn, it is all appreciated

Thank you.

Submitted November 11, 2020 at 07:50PM by Short-SPX

One thought on “Trader looking into algotrading”

  1. Python is a superb programming language. I have been back testing trading strategies for over 17 years and have used Python exclusively recently. If its HFT you want, it is not fast enough. Otherwise, superb.


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