Why is this field so competitive?

It isn't really easy to build all that algorithms, fail safes and all that shit and compete against tons of quantatively genius autists who do nothing but stare at screens all day to crack the market and billion dollar trading setups. This field is very competitive.

Creating an online business is much easier. What you are supposed to do is not obvious in that field, but competition is much smaller. Its ridiculous in some cases because you see your competitors doing really stupid shit. They are leaving millions of dollars on the table by doing REALLY stupid shit that you can easily fix in a few hours. And you see that. And you look at that. And you are like what the fuck?! this guy hates money? Why don't they fix that? That's how it is. That's the competition.

So I'm curious how the hell is this field so competitive? Is it the promise of easy money? "Only if I figure out how to sell high and buy low then I only need to click a few buttons to make $100M"?

What part of human psychology create this fierce competition in trading?

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 01:06PM by GeneralYak7
via https://ift.tt/38AMNsj

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