Algo trading for Investor Relations (IR) corporate services companies?

Hi all! I’m leading a team in building an IR corporate services company, and I had some questions for/about algo trading experts. A bit of background first: we’re a spin-off company coming from an IR consulting firm- getting new clients for this IR corporate services gets funneled from there, currently. We’re offering novel marketing and PR digital strategies, along with a slew of other related experts in-house that work in concert. But I thought it might be good to have some algo trading expertise in the mix, especially for enhancing the marketing/PR response. There’s many retail investor tools that rely on algorithms like social sentiment and other digital marketing factors, but they also rely on trade volume and trading behaviour (currently no way of directly affecting in our IR suite of services). Does anyone know if there’s someone or a company that helps with this kind of thing, or any individuals who may be interested in talking further about being a team member/ consultant for this?

Any insights appreciated!

Submitted November 13, 2020 at 08:29AM by whitebr34d

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