Help with TD-API and AWS lamda

My set up is to have tradingview JSON alerts be sent to my AWS lamda Rest API and then have that communicate with TD Ameritrade’s REST API to trigger a limit order. I am able to run this file by entering ‘chalice local’ with the command prompt while inside a virtual environment. I go to my web browser and enter hhtp://localhost:8000/quote/BA and it outputs Boeing quote information. However, when I tried to run the file on AWS via ‘chalice deploy’ I updated my REST API url but when I entered (my rest api url)/quote/BA I received {"message": "Internal server error"}

I am a super noob to coding and would greatly appreciate any and all help. I have been able to successfully deploy an Alpaca script via chalice to AWS and have it place orders but I want to switch it to TD Ameritrade. I am really trying to learn more about coding in general so any extra explanations/tips/etc are welcomed.


from tda import auth, client

import os, json, datetime

from chalice import Chalice

from chalicelib import TDconfig

app = Chalice(app_name='AWS Algobot')

token_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'chalicelib', 'token')

c = auth.client_from_token_file(token_path, TDconfig.api_key)


def quote(symbol):

response = c.get_quote(symbol)

return response.json()

DEMO -> chalicelib ->

api_key = ‘XXXXXXXXXXX'

DEMO -> chalicelib -> token.file

I am ultimately wanting to send out limit buy and sell orders, so if anybody could help with that too, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to be able to calculate the max amount of shares I can buy and then be able to multiply that by a number in order to determine the quantity.

u/app.route('/buy_stock')def buy_stock():#Tradingview Inputrequest = app.current_requestwebhook_message = request.json_body

#Order Datadata = {"orderType": "LIMIT","session": "EXT","price": webhook_message['close'],"duration": "DAY","orderStrategyType": "SINGLE","orderLegCollection": [{"instruction": "BUY","quantity": 1#', #0.5 * {"account balance" / webhook_message['close']}"instrument": {"symbol": webhook_message['ticker'],"assetType": "EQUITY"}}]}

response = json.loads(r.content)

#Order Receiptreturn {response,'webhook_message': webhook_message}

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 07:22PM by black_squirrelist

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