Day Trades?

Hey all. I have around a 2000$ investment account on Robinhood. Most of the stocks I own are in the avg. 8% a year range with dividends. I do have some penny stocks as well. Anyways, while Im playing the long game with most of assets, are there any good stocks to buy and sell same day to flip a profit? I’m not looking for anything crazy just some ideas as I’m not great at all this! Thanks:)

Submitted November 13, 2020 at 10:47PM by Barry_Allen227

One thought on “Day Trades?”

  1. Robin Hood is no good…. Think or swim is with TD Ameritrade, and you are well come to read my blog. I post things you may find helpful. I am an option trader self taught… hope to see you there. By the way it’s 11/27/20 you may want to look at stock symbol “SIRI”, and what I wrote about it. 😉

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